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[ 기타 ] 생명윤리기본법의 내용과 효력


저자 박인회
발행기관 이화여자대학교 생명의료법연구소
초록 To make legal system more efficient, it should be ruled about bioethics issues by a general act which regulates general principles and control system and specific acts which which regulate specific issues with specific provisions. Bioethics general act has 16 articles which includes general provisions, basic principles, National bioethics committee, bioethics review board and principle provisions.
In the part of general provisions, there are provisions about purpose, definitions, scope of application, responsibilities.
In the part of basic principles, there are provisions about respect for man's life and dignity, guarantee of autonomy, protection of personal information, consideration of public welfare and safety, special protection of vulnerable persons and groups, consideration of future generation and international cooperation.
In the part of National bioethics committee and bioehics review board, there are provisions which correct some flaws of existing “Bioethics and Safety Act” and clarify their rolls.
In the part of principle provisions, there are provisions about respect for man's life and dignity, protection of human species, informed consent, protection of privacy, security of safety, ELSI(ethics, legal, social implications), public dialogue and education.
목차 Ⅰ. 들어가며
Ⅱ. 생명윤리기본법의 체계 및 구성
1. 총칙
2. 기본원칙
3. 국가생명윤리위원회 및 생명윤리위원회
4. 생명윤리위원회
5. 원칙규정들
Ⅲ. 생명윤리기본법 전문(안)
키워드 생명윤리기본법, 기본법과 특별법, 안전, Bioethics general act, General act and specific acts, Safety
접근경로 생명윤리정책연구 Vol.2 No.1 [2008] p.21-44
작성자 등록일
출처 연도 2008